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Dangerous things


 Dangerous Things

In the given section we shall try to warn you and to secure against purchase poor-quality and even the dangerous goods, services with which we collide every day, not reflecting about consequences of their application.

Originally O'KEY - great department store - like would not concern to utomobile subjects, however, person driving a car need to be "refueled" and filled up by the vital resources not once a day.

In sphere of the become aggravated struggle for the Buyer between "hypermarkets" ( their assortment  does not hold out up to the European level yet, we do not speaking about service and quality) some of them resort to "dirty" ways to receive more money from the buyer. In particular, in shop of Open Company "O'KEY " on  Savushkina street, 119, in St.-Petersburg, under the action named " 2 at the price of 1 ", operating from October, 2nd till October, 15th, 2006, some goods are on sale for full cost, - rely on greater purchase and a carelessness of the buyer.



At purchase of lemonade the Fiesta, the Cream-soda and Tarhun:

2 pcs. 2 l  = 15,90 rbl.

cash department will take from you : 15,90 . 2 = 31,80 rbl.

a deceit on 15,90 rbl.!!!

At purchase of dishwashing liquid "Feodora" anti-fat:

2 pieces 500 ml = 22,40 rbl.

cash department will take from you: 22,40 rbl. 2 pieces = 44,80 rbl.

a deceit on 22,40 rbl.!!!

At purchase Apple Sider Ecusson Sweet (2 %), Brut (4,5 %)

2 pieces 0,75 l = 159,90 rbl.

cash department will take from you::

159,90 rbl. 2 pieces = 319,80 rbl.

a deceit on 159,90 rbl.!!!


It is possible to poison with a liquid for screen wipers again!

Winter is any more behind mountains. So we can talk about what liquid is worth to be filled in a screen wipers tank.
If earlier people tried to avoid liquids made on the basis of methanol which is terribly poisonous, now there is a new problem. It appears, this year  the situation for manufacturers of liquids has a little become complicated - in conjunction with change in the tax laws additional excises (156 rbl. for 1l  spirit in  production which content spirit) have been entered.. Well and as all liquids for cleaning windshields based on ethyl spirit, the price for one canister considerably would increase.
Having appeared in this situation, many manufacturers have been compelled to replace ethyl spirit on isopropyl spirit which on the average for 30 % is more expensive than ethyl spirit and possesses a pungent smell, but is not assessed with excises. For preservation of the cost price of manufacture and improvement of a smell many manufacturers have decided to dilute isopropyl spirit with monoethylenglicol and its ethers to the detriment of safety and health of drivers.
Monoethylenglicol  is a two-nuclear spirit, a colorless, viscous liquid with temperature of boiling at 197C and with temperature of the beginning of freezing at minus 12-13 C. But the most important, is it's highly toxic poisonous means polluting an environment and harming to health of passengers of cars.
GOST 28084-89 "Cooling liquids which freeze at low temperature": " Ethylenglicol - it is poisonous, possesses narcotic action on an organism of the person and can get through integuments ". And the ethyl ether of ethylenglicol - ethylcellozolv which also is added by manufacturers of screen wipers for cars, possesses with  high inhalation toxicity.
"At inhalation ethylcellozolv vapours (6,5 mg/l) within 7 hours laboratory mice had developing slackness, drowsiness, infringement of coordination of movements, and then - frustration of breath and death next day ".
The most interesting thing is that bodies of certification and Gossanepidnadzor have certificated products with the maintenance monoethylenglicol and its ethers, thus, having given out the sanction to dump in an environment of thousand tons of poisonous and toxic substances.
In general, it would be desirable to warn drivers, that they have to be extra careful buying  liquids for windshield wipers.